Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open for business!

Welcome to Upper Crust Aprons!
I thought I would kick off the new business with a GIVE A WAY!!!
Here is how the GIVE A WAY will go!
You have many chances to win!
1-put a link to my blog & etsy site on your blog.
2-put a link to my blog & etsy site on your Facebook
3-If your friend puts the links on their blog and
Mentions YOUR Name!
4-If your friend puts the links on their Facebook and
Mentions YOUR name!
5-Become a follower of my blog!
6-list my blog on your blog (we can be blog buddies!)
So you have the chance to get your name in
the give away Many Many times!!!
Leave a comment so I can see the links on FB and blogs!
Here is the GIVE A WAY Apron! I love it, it is light weight, vintage print and perfect for any cook! So spread the word! Winner announced Sept 20th
Thank you Jessica for being my apron model!!


happy mom said...

you know I was all over this right? good luck with it all, but what happened to addys aprons? I really liked addys aprons.

happy mom said...

OH, not saying I don't like upper crust aprons, at all. FYI.

John & Jennifer Savage said...

Love the pleats! Super cute! And you know I love anything vintage. :)