Saturday, November 14, 2009

Feeling Like Christmas! Give Away!

It is time for another give away!
My camera shows the fabric a shade lighter than it really is! So you have green holly berry trimmed with red poinsettia ruffles and ties!
You can cook up all your holiday treats wearing this sweet apron!
close up of the ruffle.
Here is my Super HOT model showing you how it fits!
Ways to Win!
1-post a link to my Blog on your Blog & Facebook.
2-post a link to my Etsy on your Facebook & Blog.
3-leave a comment on my Blog.
There are 5 ways to win!
be sure to comment and say where you posted a link so I can take a peek!
Good Luck!
Just realized that I didnt put a ending date! We will go until Black Friday Nov, 27th.
Oh and if you add my blog to follow it that is 1 more way to enter!


Charie said...

ME ME ME!! I want to win an apron!!

gkforbes said...

So cute! I might even cook something if I win it!

Gabrielle said...

fun- I will post it on Twitter and my blog.

The Ekker Family said...

So very cute!! I posted a link on my facebook.

Vanessa Alexander said...

Oooooh, it's awesome! You are so talented. I'll go and post this to my FB right away.
Is Bryan your super hot model? Please tell me that he is! I'm giggling just thinking about it.